About Us

  The Taiwan Healthcare Reform Foundation (THRF) is an independent, non-governmental organization that aims to improve the healthcare quality and patient’s rights in Taiwan. Our job is to address various healthcare concerns in Taiwan through advocacies, public education, and publications.

  This English website is for everyone who is interested in Taiwan’s healthcare. We will provide information about the basic structure of Taiwan’s healthcare system, the issues we have observed, and the reforms we advocated.

  We welcome yours supports and advices.


Taiwan Healthcare Reform foundation (THRF)


The mission of Taiwan Healthcare Reform Foundation (THRF) is to establish a health care system which regards quality and justice as its ultimate values. In order to fulfill this goal, THRF has adopted various measures to promote information transparency and to enhance public engagement on health care policies and issues.  


THRF deals with issues related to health care quality, National Health Insurance (NHI), patients' safety, and makes effort to integrate patients' voice into policies and official procedures. Every year, THRF provides medical dispute consulting services (400-500 cases /year), gets involved in 30 public lectures series in local communities, and are invited as a special guest on more than 15 TV talk shows. Moreover, there are about 10 pieces of health related news report on our advocacies every month.



  1. Encourage the public to participate the healthcare reform.
  2. Cooperate with the public to supervise the healthcare environment.
  3. Against the overtly profit driven healthcare
  4. Push for a transparent, accountable healthcare system.
  5. Advocate for the fair and just distribution of healthcare resources.
  6. Promote healthcare safety and patient’s rights.